Instant Impact | Business – Mental Wellness. Our flagship course breaks away from the ordinary consultant company rhetoric of old and gets down to the human components of leadership and culture.

A course is designed to help you be a leader of people.

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In my opinion Instant Impact | Business – Mental Wellness is the leading resource on the market for organizations who don't just want to pay lip service when it comes to mental wellness, but who REALLY want to help their employees”

New Challenges Await Us

Workplaces are facing unique challenges and professionals are preparing to go back to the office after extended time working remotely. At Flowcess we empower professionals by helping them find their own unique process for overcoming challenges and gaining energy.


About Molly

Molly Hildebrandt is an internationally certified trainer in Leadership Development. She has years of experience designing, developing, and implementing tailored leadership plus professional development programs for individuals and organizations. She specializes in helping leaders discover how to dissolve personal and corporate challenges. Molly is known for her dynamic and powerful presentations, combining revelatory ideas with practical life-changing applications.


What is Flowcess?

Flowcess is a revolutionary company that has a non-contradictory model for the mind and brain. Psychology, psychiatry, and “mental health gurus” are unable to provide a model for the mind and brain that helps team members find their unique process for Flow, can dissolve issues permanently, and can intentionally build generative cultures where everyone has more energy from interacting with each other.

What do we mean by "flow"?

Do you remember the last time you were in the zone? You were performing at your peak while experiencing a sense of timelessness and unlimited energy. This is the most memorable characteristic of Flow! Flow is the healthiest state of being and can repair your brain! Flowing and helping others Flow is essential for engagement in the workplace if you want a creative, innovative, and high-performing culture. We believe Flowcess is the only company that can help team members intentionally determine and operate in their unique process for Flow.

What is the difference between dissolving and solving a problem?

What does it mean to dissolve a problem? When you solve a problem involving a human, your focus is on breaking down an issue and removing an effect or behavior you can see, and this unintentionally creates three more issues for that person. Dissolving a problem means you look at the bigger picture of what is going on and address issues indirectly based on the intangible cause resulting in a permanent solution. The dissolve approach always leads to profitability for everyone involved.